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(follow-up) Wietse's RPCBIND
From: Chiaki.Ishikawa () PERSONAL-MEDIA CO JP (Chiaki Ishikawa)
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 18:29:08 +0900

X-PMC-CI-e-mail-id: 8036


Last week, I questioned whether I should stick to Wietse Venema's
rpcbind replacement after Sun's security notice regarding its rpcbind.

I got several e-mail suggestions.  The answer seems to be I can still
use his rpcbind replacement, but I should upgrade to 2.0.

So I did just that today.

To my pleasant surprise there is version 2.1 at


This 2.1 includes the O_EXCL option, Wietse mentioned in his e-mail
posting. (Thank you, Wietse.)

I followed the instruction in README (and made sure I did exactly
similar procedure back 1.1 by looking in the old directory I keep just
in case.).  After compiling which took me a while since I moved the
tcp_wrapper directory around [libwrap.a is needed by rpcbind linking],
replacing the rpcbind was very easy to do. I just followed the
procedure in README. So far, I have not seen any problem. (I have been
running it for just a few hours, though.)

Thank every one for these wonderful tools and helpful tips
via private e-mails.

     Ishikawa, Chiaki        ishikawa () personal-media co jp NoSpam  or
 (family name, given name) Chiaki.Ishikawa () personal-media co jp NoSpam
    Personal Media Corp.      ** Remove .NoSpam at the end before use **
  Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan 142

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