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Bug is sudo?
From: rhodie () NAC NET (Rhodie)
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 03:25:56 +0300

I was messing arround with sudo when i found out that you can check to see
if there is a file that can be exec'd by root, even if you don't have the
privlages. IE: You can check to see if there is a program, in the root
path, that you can't see (maybe can and its just easyer to do it this
The normal way to use sudo is 'sudo command' and it asks you for your
password, you put it in and it exec's as root, you get it wrong and it
doesnt.... Try sudo <command that doesnt exist>, it says:
sudo.bin: fdsa: command not found
So? you say, well, you can check to see if there is something to play with
that root has hidden....

Take a look at these:

(rhodie () is-so) [~]$ sudo fdsa
sudo.bin: fdsa: command not found
(rhodie () is-so) [~]$ sudo id

Heh, isn't that purty?

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