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Re: Overflows in minicom
From: ak () MUC DE (Andi Kleen)
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 05:51:00 +0200

Alan Cox <alan () LXORGUK UKUU ORG UK> writes:

 It seems minicom(distributed with slak3.4) have some overflow
vulnerabilities, namely in the '-p' switch and when you pick a config
file on the arguments. (a strcpy and a sprintf)

 you may test it with:
  $ minicom -p/dev/ttyp`perl -e =B4print "A" x 2500=B4`
    (Some garbage)
    Segmentation fault

That appears to be an understatment at least with minicom 1.81. I've just
been through doing the usual snprintfing etc. It has stuff like

        strcpy(buffer, getenv("TERM"))

in it.

Its also got a few I8N buffer overruns. This is something that seems to be
creeping into code as people update it. When you go from

        char buf[31];
        sprintf(buf,"Hello %.30s",x)


        char buf[31];
        sprintf(buf, _("Hello %.10s"), x)

you blow your protection since a user can set the NLSPATH and catalogs and
translate catalogs so that "Hello %.10s" becomes "%s"  opening up an
attack point.

I assumed the libc would ignore NLSPATH when the app runs suid (similar
like it does with LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc.). If it doesn't that is a bad bug.

[... clickety click ... ]

At least glibc 2.1 uses __secure_getenv() for NLSPATH. Don't know about 2.0,
separate GNU gettext, or libc5.


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