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John the Ripper v1.5
From: solar () FALSE COM (Solar Designer)
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 22:01:23 +0400


I've just released a new version of John the Ripper, it is available at:

John the Ripper is a UNIX password cracker, currently available for UNIX,
DOS, WinNT/Win95. Version 1.5 has been tested with Linux x86/Alpha/SPARC,
FreeBSD x86, OpenBSD x86, Solaris 2.x SPARC and x86, Digital UNIX. There's
also a generic make target that should work on most other UNIX systems.

Out of the box, John supports (and autodetects) the following ciphertext
formats: standard and double-length DES-based, BSDI's extended DES-based,
FreeBSD's (and not only) MD5-based, and OpenBSD's Blowfish-based -- with
my own optimized routines for all of them.

 Changes from v1.4 to v1.5
* Everything is re-coded, to be far more extendable, more portable (no
GNU C extensions used, unless __GNUC__ is defined), and more readable.
* Bitslice DES routines: up to 3 times faster on RISC.
* BSDI's extended DES-based ciphertext format support.
* OpenBSD's Blowfish-based ciphertext format support.
* Special assembly DES routines for x86 with MMX: +30% on a Pentium II.
* Improved MD5 routines (both C and x86 assembly), 10...50% faster.
* Smarter length switching in incremental mode.
* ...And a lot of other changes, see doc/NEWS.

Solar Designer

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