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Re: easy DoS in most RPC apps
From: peter () attic vuurwerk nl (Peter van Dijk)
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 02:35:52 +0200

Finally, I'm quite sure of this: the bug is in Sun's RPC code.
Investigations show Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS, System V and NeXTstep machines
are affected, which means we've got a _big_ problem here.
Affected applications include nfsd, ypserv, ypbind and portmap. Whole
networks could be brought down easily by doing this DoS on the nfsd and/or
ypserv. If the site depends on NIS for the userlists, mail and ftp won't
work during the attack.

Greetz, Peter.

On Tue, 12 May 1998, Peter van Dijk wrote:

Update: I tested the same trick on two NeXT Mach's. The portmapper is
vulnerable there, as are possibly other services. NFS is not (not
directly, a non-working portmapper does have it's effect) because it only
uses UDP.

Also, ftp.kernel.org (which runs Linux, I assume) is vulnerable ;(

Greetz, Peter.

On Mon, 11 May 1998, Peter van Dijk wrote:

On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, Peter van Dijk wrote:

If you connect (using telnet, netcat, anything) to a TCP port assigned to
some RPC protocol (tested with rpc.nfsd/mountd/portmap on Slackware
3.4/Kernel 2.0.33) and send some 'garbage' (like a newline ;) every 5
seconds or faster, the service will completely stop responding. At the
very moment the connection is closed, the service will return to normal
work again.
read(0, "\r\n", 4000)                   = 2

[bullshit cut]

This bug can easily be exploited remotely without any special software and
without taking any noticeable bandwidth (one packet every 5 seconds).
This one worked perfectly for me:
$ { while true ; do echo ; sleep 5 ; done } | telnet localhost 2049
Replacing the sleep 5 with sleep 6 or even more shows that the service
will then respond every once in a while.

Further examination and discussion (with Thomas Kukuk) shows that the bug
is probably in libc (and glibc?) and therefore probably affects _all_ rpc
applications using libc to do their rpc work (like, all Linux rpc
applications). Also, Wietse Venema responded today... Discussion still
starting up with him :)

The impact of this bug should not be underestimated. Anything that depends
on nfs to function can be shutdown completely (temporarily, that is) with
little or no effort... You don't need maths to see that even someone with
a simple 28k8 line can shutdown 100s of sites at the same time.

CERT: shouldn't you advise on this?

Greetz, Peter.

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