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Re: TOG and xterm problem
From: deraadt () CVS OPENBSD ORG (Theo de Raadt)
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 01:26:43 -0600

Open Group, when *will* the rest of us see at least some clues about where
the bug lies and how it can be fixed?  You say you won't release patches
to X11R<6.4, but can you at least be nice enough to tell those of us using
the still-perfectly-serviceable 6.3 just a tidbit about the problem?

Jeff, it is possible you are wasting your time.  I've mailed TOG
people for a few days about this issue and thus far gotten no
response.  I think they are not listening.  Or perhaps they've gotten
so large that the 4 email addresses I've mailed haven't yet contacted
their X11 programmers (no wonder they are in need of so much licensing

Note to TOG: You guys don't just look like fools -- it's far worse
than that.  I am certain what is going on here will be remembered when
TOG tries to take the perfectly free X11 code we have now and change
the license so that it is some hacked-up version of the Artistic
License designed so that you can later assert control over X11
(because it is obvious that the attempts at taking control immediately
have failed).

As far as I know, XFree86 is coming up with their own independent
audit of those areas and those fixes will likely be out in a day or
two more.  Though I am quite busy with other tasks, I am considering
helping XFree86 out with an audit.  (Though I bet TOG would take
anything discovered through that process and re-sell the changes as if
it was their own invention, that's what they always do. But that's the
wonder of the BSD license.  We even let parasites feed their families
and furnish their offices with paintings).

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