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Re: First Patch :)
From: avalon () COOMBS ANU EDU AU (Darren Reed)
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 21:16:58 +1000

In some mail from Peter 'Goober' Kosinar, sie said:
        How does it work - for each process it stores a new uid (I
have choosen a name RUID = Real UID). Purpose of RUID is to keep
track of who is real owner of this process (it is inherited from
parent process and changed only when root's process runs process
under different EUID).

Sounds like what other OS's call the "audit uid" - you may want to
consider this name change (auid) given that "real uid" already has
meaning and/or extand the usage to be more than just for auditting
but that might also be mixing purposes incorrectly.

The main problem I see with this is as follows:

There are programs which are setuid-root, and that need to be
setuid-root, but for which the security status is unknown (this is most
likely all setuid programs save for a few very small ones you can read
the source for and understand yourself).  It may be that during the
course of the natural operation of one of these programs that it needs
to run /bin/sh or otherwise start an external program.  At this point,
if you deny the transfer of privilege (at the execution of either the
initial program or the sub-program it runs), you could well be interfering
with its natural operation in such a way that you might as well "chmod u-s".


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