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Solaris kernel sockets interface (bug?)
From: nataliya () JUNGLE SIMTEL RU (Natali Gracheva)
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 17:00:52 +0400

SunOS alpha 5.5 Generic_103093-03 sun4c sparc SUNW,Sun_4_40

   Good time of day, ppl.

   There is a very strange behaviour of kernel sockets interface in
Solaris 2.5. I am running TCP gateway on this platform and there is a
funny situation: when gatewaying telnet connection thru this system there
is a random garbage data that is coming from communication channel if I
use TELNET-ESCAPE character to close session. As far as I can explain this
- it happens when tcp-gateis trying to read something from socket that is
being closing from remote peer. For example, there is a description of
something that really happens:

  Host A (HP-UX) -> tcp-proxy Host B (Solaris) -> Destination Host C (FBSD)

tcp-proxy is simple - it opens second TCP connection and then transfers
data between first and second till one of them signals that connection
is broken or closed. This channel is a local peer between two ISP and
mostly HTTP traffic passes thru. So, when I close telnet on host A
just by typing ^], then reconnect - I see a lot of HTTP headers as it
was typed on console after I have closed connection.

   Seems to be a very interesting situation, because in most cases TCP
sessions should not be available in any case for others but owner.

Wish you all the best,


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