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Re: CERT Vendor-Initiated Bulletin VB-98.04 - xterm.Xaw
From: dossy () PANOPTIC COM (Allanah Myles)
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 02:31:28 -0400

On 1998.04.30, Perry E. Metzger <perry () piermont com> wrote:
For once, I agree completely with Theo. It was bad enough that TOG
decided to turn X into proprietary software -- saying that security
patches for back revs are proprietary is nearly unacceptable behavior.

Why?  Is TOG still responsible for the older revs?  I was under the
impression that with the decision to make X commercial, they disavowed
older versions of X.  Security and patches for older versions of X
should now fall into the responsibility to those parties who maintain

I have a ethical disagreement with TOG's decision to go pay-to-play
(shouldn't they be called "The Not-Open Group" now?), but once they've
committed to this change, they are entitled to experience the benefits
of such decision - not having to maintain legacy software for which
they're no longer responsible.

Of course, now that TOG is a commercial entity, should there arise any
problems and loss of revenue where TOG is directly responsible, they
become a viable entity to sue to reclaim for damages.  Is there a
battery of tech-knowledgeable accountants ready to take lawsuits
versus TOG?


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