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Re: solaris tape dev permission stupidity
From: Tobias.Kreidl () NAU EDU (Tobias J. Kreidl)
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 11:24:10 -0700

Darren J Moffat wrote:

Instead of guessing shall I tell you the correct fix!

The correct and recommend fix is to run bsmconv to turn on device
allocation.  This sets all of the device files for removable media devices
such as tapes to 0000.  A user who then wants to use a tape should then:

        allocate st0
                insert tape into drive
        tar/ufs*/cpio/dd  whatever
                remove tape from drive
        dealloate st0

The same applies to audio and cd devices, though the audio devices
are better dealt with using /etc/logindevperm.

If you are concerned about security on Solaris you should always
run bsmconv to turn on auditing and device allocation and run ASET
to ensure other perms etc are sorted out.  I would recommend running
/usr/aset/aset -l high -p

Another alternative for those who want to severely restrict
access to *any* tape drive is to chmod the directory
of the device, and chgrp it accordingly to permit access to only
a restricted number of users.  As an example, a startup script
in /etc/init.d might contain the following to deal with a DLT:

if [ -d /devices/pci () 6,4000/pci () 4/SUNW,isptwo () 4 ]
# tape drive (DLT), CPI slot #1, unit 4
  /usr/bin/chmod 750 /devices/pci () 6,4000/pci () 4/SUNW,isptwo () 4
  /usr/bin/chgrp tapedev /devices/pci () 6,4000/pci () 4/SUNW,isptwo () 4

and just add your list of allowed uses to the "tapedev" in
the/etc/group file.  Of course, one could still use the allocate/deallocate
functions from the bmsconv/C2 package in addition to this.

-- Tobias J. Kreidl
   Northern Arizona University / Information technology Services

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