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Re: By-passing MS Proxy 2.0 and others packet filtering
From: mbehr () NH SECUREPIPE COM (Marc D. Behr)
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 08:31:42 -0400


In message <E0zRAWY-0003iT-00 () sand2 global net uk>, Mnemonix writes:
Okay - to make everything more clear

Firstly it seems that most web-based proxies, not just MS Proxy, are
susceptible to this kind of attack. Thanks to Greg Jones and others for
doing some testing on this.

It is true that most improperly configured web proxy servers can be exploited
to allow you to access any service on a remote system. The key statement here
is "improperly configured".

At a previous job at a network equipment manufacturer, I was responsible to
the administration of the web servers and proxies. I installed rules on the
proxy server that indicated what ports I would allow people to connect to on
remote systems. The proxy was configured to allow connections only to ports
70,80-89,8000-8090 on the remote servers (I think that was all, but my memory
may have missed a few).

If a user attempted to access a server that was running on a different port,
they would get a message indicating that access was being denied to this
server/port and that if they needed access, they should contact "The Web
Police". We could then determine if a special case rule was necessary to allow

This is a reminder that if your firewall policy is to deny anything that is
not specifically allowed, you need to remember to implement this exact same
policy on your proxy server if you wish to maintain security.

I would also recommend that you do NOT run a proxy server on port 80. Pick
some other port in the 81-89 range and ensure that your proxy is configured to
allow connections from  inside addresses only (even if you have installed
packet filtering rules to do the same). I always like to assume that
everything else is broken and repeat the rules where I can.


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