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Re: SU and CHOWN for NT
From: reficul () pigdog org (Daemon Agent)
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 10:09:38 -0700

[note from author, only forwarding this to BUQTRAQ because I haven't seen
anyone address the "MacFile hack" I describe later on.  If it's worth
posting, just chop off the 1st half of the message]

[Mailing Lists wrote]
I'm looking for some implementations of SU and CHOWN for NT?

Hamilton's C Shell has added the su, chown, and chgrp commands to their
product (see http://www.hamiltonlabs.com/cshell.htm and
http://www.hamiltonlabs.com/userguid/external.htm for more info).

MKS Toolkit has em too...

I don't seem to remember the GNU-Win32 project including
su/chown/chgrp binaries with thier toolkit
(http://www.cygnus.com/misc/gnu-win32/), but I know it supports
chown() calls.  I *do* seem to remember one of the associated GNU-Win32
"add ons and updates" pages having these tools.  In any case, the
GNU-Win32 software is well worth looking into.

[Mailing Lists]
Anyway, if you know of good tools for substituing user or giving ownership
of files to someone else, I'd like to hear from you!

Well, a cheezy way I found to "give ownership" of a file (rather than
"taking ownership" a.k.a. "the Microsoft buisiness plan") is by using the
Services for Macintosh.  When you share something as a "Mac Volume Share"
(which you can only do to NTFS partitions if you couldn't already guess),
one of the new abilities you get with the MacFile tool is to "assign
owner" or a file or directory.

Of course, this way of "giving ownership" only works if you are an
administrator on the machine with the "Mac Volume Share"...but it can be
used by unscrupulous admins to peek at files they shouldn't be able to and
then reassign the correct permissions and ownership to the file
afterwards, all without having to know or change the original owners
password (so you could "take back" the ownership).  Argueably, this also
falls under the "but if your admin anyway..." clause, so take this "hack"
with a grain of salt.



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