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SCO OpenServer Security Status
From: mikea () SCO COM (Michael Almond)
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 13:45:57 -0800

Here is SCO OpenServer's status regarding the recent (and some
not so recent) BUGTRAQ postings:

UnixWare pkg* command exploits
        OpenServer is not vulnerable in exactly the same way via
        dacread privilege  but vulnerabilities exist through
        buffer overflows - we're working on fixing them.

UnixWare coredumps following symlinks
             OpenServer does not have same exact vulnerability wrt s[ug]id
        programs allowed to dump core but but there are vulnerabilities
        with programs that were s[ug]id and have relaxed it and general
        issues of coredumping on symlinked names - we're working on
        fixing both issues.

Fundamental flaw in UnixWare 7 security
        OpenServer has a different security model to UW7 so this is not

UnixWare read/modify users' mail (/var/spool/mail)
        This is also not applicable on OpenServer.  OpenServer's equivalent
        is /usr/spool/mail which has 1777 perms (world-writable, but sticky
      so only owner can delete files).  The local delivery agent will
        not deliver to a file not owned by the recipient; will not follow
        symlinks or write to a file with multiple names (hard links);
        and is designed to avoid race conditions.

UnixWare and the dacread permission
         OpenServer has a different security model to UW7 so this is not

UnixWare gain root with non-su/gid binaries: xauto
         Not applicable to OpenServer.

We are working on the first two vulnerabilities and will have fixes
available by December 31st.

In addition to the first two vulnerabilities, we are also putting the
finishing touches on another large collection of previously reported
OpenServer vulnerabilities (and vulnerabilities we discovered ourselves)
which will be available by December 25th.  The current contents include
(but will not be limited to):

  1. Buffer overflows in:


  2. Algorithmic vulnerabilities in:

      Can improperly write to privileged files

      Can improperly read privileged files
      (also buffer overflows)

      Can improperly acess privileged devices
      Allows transmission of dangerous characters

      Allows transmission of dangerous characters

      Corrupt /etc/dialups causes login failure
      Insufficient error checking

Michael Almond
mikea () sco com
SCO OpenServer Team Lead

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