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Re: Groupewise Web Interface
From: beels () TECHNOLOGIST COM (Richard Beels)
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 16:29:18 -0500

It doesn't mean status anything.  It means that the server abended but
NetWare partitioned the memory/error, recovered and kept chugging along
(This functionality had been present since NW4.10 or 4.11).  The number in
parans will/would be incremented as/if abends continue.  Depending on what
was happening when the abend happened, what else is running on the server,
etc...  you can be perfectly fine or have a system that will need to be
bounced.  Most people feel better if the server gets bounced at the next
off-hours/maintenance timeslot.

At 04:01 PM 12/22/99 ,  Randy Mclean was inspired to say:
I just tested it on our server and when i did the "GWWEB.EXE?<very long
string here>" The server console claimed it had a critical error. It seemed
to work fine, but the server remained in status 1(with <1> by the server
prompt). I didn't notice any problems with system or groupwise, even the
web access still worked after the error. This dose seem like something that
dose need to be fixed, but not as critical as something that actually
causes a server to abend. BTW I'm currently running Netware 5 with sp3a
netscape web server and groupwise 5.5. I hope my input helps ya. Good luck

At 04:57 PM 12/21/99 -0500, Sacha Faust Bourque wrote:
did you actually saw it crash or it just froze.
We did some testing like that and we found that GRoupeWise froze
but eventually came back .

        Richard Beels
        Novell Consulting
        Philadelphia, PA

        "Friends don't let friends use active directory."

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