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Re: strace can lie
From: mouse () RODENTS MONTREAL QC CA (der Mouse)
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 15:35:05 -0500

Any ideas how to get rid of this problem?  It is nasty.  It is very
nasty and makes strace unusable for anything security-sensitive.

Unfortunately, as long as the information is fetched from userland by
userland via ptrace, with an opportunity for it to change before the
kernel uses it, there is no hope for eliminating the race.

You could perhaps run *BSD and use ktrace, which does eliminate the
race, because the kernel itself handles trace generation using the same
bits that it uses to look up the path.  (It is also somewhat less
disruptive to the traced process.)  Of course, there's a downside, too
- while the Linux emulation (at least under NetBSD, the one I know) is
pretty good, it's not perfect, so if you have Linux-specific things you
need, they may break.

If you really feel ambitious, you could try to make Linux support

                                        der Mouse

                               mouse () rodents montreal qc ca
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