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Apologies for wierd email
From: btellier () USA NET (Brock Tellier)
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 11:06:36 MST


I wish to clear up a bit of a misunderstanding regarding a wierd email that
some of you recieved.  If you were affected, you recieved an email with no
subject containing text along the lines of:

Your ueber-secret password on 0wned.com is fD83#2a

Brock Tellier
Unix Systems Administrator
Chicago, IL, usa
btellier () usa net

I'll admit, it's an odd thing to recieve, but let me explain.  Those of you
who got the correct bugtraq post from me recieved "UnixWare read/modify users'
mail", a post which detailed how any user could read other people's mail under
UW7.1.  In it, I set up a typical scenario where this would happen, including
copy/pasteing an example email that might have been intercepted.  I pasted
this message, along with all the mail headers, into my advisory.  The result
of this is that some of your broken email programs interpereted this as TWO
SEPERATE MESSAGES.  It was actually only ONE message which contained the
message headers in the body of the message.  As Aleph One explained it to me:

  It did not get screwed. It seems to be the result of broken MUA's that  
can't even properly read a mbox formated file correctly. They seem to be
  confused by the message. Using any decent MUA the message is displayed
  just fine.

All this being said, please understand that I didn't send out a real password
to 0wned.com (I wonder how many ssh connections that server got using
root:fd*3la () A as their login/pass) and I do not have any affiliation with this

Brock Tellier
UNIX Systems Administrator
Chicago, IL, USA
btellier () usa net

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