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Re: HP Secure Web Console
From: merlyn () STONEHENGE COM (Randal L. Schwartz)
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 10:04:34 -0800

"GNSS" == GNSS Research Division <osiris () gnss com> writes:

GNSS> #!/bin/perl
GNSS> # swc_crypt_test
GNSS> # Syntax: swc_crypt_test [option] [word]
GNSS> # encrypt example: swc_crypt_test -e abcd
GNSS> # output: VUTS
GNSS> # decrypt example: swc_crypt_test -d VUTS
GNSS> # output: ABCD

GNSS> if(!$ARGV[0]) { &usage; } if($ARGV[0] ne "-e" && $ARGV[0] ne "-d") { &usage; }

GNSS> if($ARGV[0] eq "-e") {
GNSS> $string=$ARGV[1];
GNSS> $string=~s/(.*)/\u\U$1/g;

That doesn't make sense.  Do you mean:

        $string = uc $string;


GNSS> $string=~y/A-Za-z/S-ZA-za-m/;

This also doesn't make sense.  You have 52 things on the left,
and 79 things on the right in the order of:


If you meant to do a modified caesar rotate where A becomes S, that'd be:

    $string =~ y/A-Za-z/S-ZA-Rs-za-r/;

Of course, the second half of that would never trigger, since you just
uppercased everything, so you could simply combine the two steps with:

    $string =~ y/A-Za-z/S-ZA-RS-ZA-R/;

GNSS> $output = reverse $string; print $output;

GNSS> if($ARGV[0] eq "-d") {
GNSS> $string=$ARGV[1]; $string=~y/S-ZA-za-m/A-Za-z/;

Ditto here.... perhaps you want:

    $string =~ y/S-ZA-Rs-za-r/A-Za-z/;

GNSS> $string=~s/(.*)/\l\L$1/g;

And again, if you want to lowercase everything, use:

  $string = lc $string;

And the combination move would be:

    $string =~ y/S-ZA-Rs-za-r/a-za-z/;

GNSS> $output = reverse $string; print $output; }

GNSS> sub usage {
GNSS> print "\nUsage: poor_crypt [option] [word]\n";
GNSS> print "\n-e encrypts the supplied string";
GNSS> print "\n-d decrypts the supplied string\n";
GNSS> print "\n***Note: your string MUST be in uppercase.\n";
GNSS> exit;

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