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Re: Evil Cookies
From: paul () INTRA NET NZ (Paul Chilton)
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 00:08:29 +1300

In my various wanderings today looked at some cookie resources. Interesting
to see questions regarding cookies [Evil Cookies, raised by Iain Wade]in
BUGTRAQ so thought would share an address I stumbled across:


Its a resource about cookies, and the third item on the page happens to be
"Cookie Exploit Discovered" Read the article... the following rambling
contains my own thoughts and inaccuracies :o)

[brief summary: Browsers (not cookie implementation) can be fooled with, by
having trailing dots on the domain you are setting cookies for. Various
conditions need to exist for it to work. Blah blah.... (exercise/visit to
site left to the reader) ]

------------------- In response to Iain Wade
So my questions are these:

a) Why would Netscape Communicator 4.7 accept a cookie like this
(invalid -- only two periods):

.com.au TRUE    /       FALSE   1264987602      CyberTargetAnonymous

Broken implementation in browsers. Details in article.

b) How can this be used by some mass marketing company to turn me into a
number in their systems for sale to the highest bidder?

From my understanding, the evil empire [mass marketing company, government
agency, whoever] can send you a cookie UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS [read the
article, there are several that need to be met] that will be sent to other
domains that you are visiting. If it includes some sort of tracking [you are
victim X etc], throw in some distributed databases / information gathering,
then the potential is limited to scope of imagination. Yet again conspiracy
theories are left as an exercise to the reader.  :o)

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not all out to get

I checked under my bed, and superglued the closet shut. Anything more
serious I'll fill a water pistol up with viniger and aim for the eyes...


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