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Re: ANNOUNCE: Medusa DS9 security system
From: bednar () RAK ISTERNET SK (Juraj Bednar)
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 14:53:15 +0100


the fact that your program has both a userspace and a kernel-space
component makes it almost immediately suspect as "vulnerable".  kind of
funny for me to get to reply to a "security tool" announcement with a

Send exploit, I'll be interested. I use medusa as a tester for
production systems too.

Okay, another point of view -- the communication with user-space
daemon is very well protected. You can tell the kernel to halt
if the constable daemon falls.

But using medusa doesn't mean you have a secure server -- everything
depends on configuration file.

has the source to the userspace module been audited yet?  hopefully by
someoen other than the authors?

I think, that it isn't. But I think, that's the reason authors numbered
it 0.7.9 and posted here. I really trust this system, it's been under heavy
development of very good people. But at least you have to protect kernel
memory, communication device, constable daemon, etc. The funny way to do is
to put all software, that has something to do with network into another virtual space.
This makes network hack very hard (because having uid=0 by hacking remotely
here means almost nothing).

that last part sounds like it might make, with a few mods, a great 3l33t
h () x0r tool :)  perhaps it might be most useful to someone good enough to

for hacker tools look for heroin or something like that, it's more usable.
This is really a security system.

Just try and then talk about it... When you talk, it is vulnerable,
send exploit


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