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Open IP Directed Broadcast List...
From: dies () PULLTHEPLUG COM (dies)
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 14:48:10 -0500

        Well I guess I reinvented the wheel here.  On that note.

        I've compiled a list of open ip directed broadcasts.  I've scanned
down into 26 bit subnet's and found some interesting results.  Over
138,000 broken networks where found.  A list of these networks is
currently available at http://www.pulltheplug.com.  The reason I did this
was because netscan.org is only hitting 24 bit subnets and with the
recent "Internet Rush" for companies, CIDR, etc I felt it was time to look
deeper into the problem.  I've been pulled away from this project as of
late (real job calls) and I have yet to walk the networks through
arin/ripe/apnic and obtain contacts.  That will be my next step,
ETA - 2/28/00.  After that I'd like to jump down to 27 and 28 bit
subnets.  I'd be willing to get some help from anyone that is interested.

        Lastly, for the script kiddies out there. Please do not go and
grab this list and annihilate someone.  Take the information and maybe
learn something from it, like just was subnetting is and how it works..

dies () pulltheplug com

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