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Re: Bypass Virus Checking
From: Jimmy_Kuo () NAI COM (Kuo, Jimmy)
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 12:15:56 -0800

7. Solutions

With McAfee, just go into the exclusions tab and delete the \RECYCLED
entry. You do that at your own risk of course, as I have no idea why it
was excluded in the first place. As for NAV, I don't really have a good
solution that doesn't involve doing creative things with a hex editor or
installing software, which is to say that I don't have a good solution.

This series of messages also highlight the need for us to remind people
what it means to be using an antivirus product in its default mode.

Each company has chosen a specific set of parameters under which it
believes the average user would be best served.  It is a compromise of
security, functionality, and speed.

With regard to McAfee VirusScan, it is correctly noted that we believe the
average user would be best served if we do not "waste time" scanning the
RECYCLED directory.  And if a security minded person wishes, he is able to
easily make the changes he needs to fit his security model.

Of note here also is, a file does not generally just "appear" in the
RECYCLED directory.  It usually existed somewhere else first.  The
antivirus scanner would have caught it there, or would catch it when it is
moved back out of that directory.

We feel that the current settings are appropriate for the normal user.
And that people who are more sensitive to this arena are afforded a
sufficiently easy method to customize to their whim.

Jimmy Kuo
Director, AV Reseach, NAI Fellow
McAfee division of Network Associates

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