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Re: Extending the FTP "ALG" vulnerability to any FTP client
From: solar () FALSE COM (Solar Designer)
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 05:41:55 +0300


  * Send a HTML email to an HTML-enabled mail reader
    containing the tag
    <img src="ftp://ftp.rooted.com/aaaa[lots of A]aaaPORT 1,2,3,4,0,139">

I was playing with that recently as well.  Yes, this works.  Some
browsers add an extra "/" to such requests (at least on the first
check, for a directory), so one might want to add %0d%0a to the end.

It's also important that this is either an ftp URL, or some other
text-based protocol directed to 21/tcp (such as, http://server:21).

  * Balance the number of A so that the PORT command will begin
    on a new packet boundary. This may also be done by having
    the server use a low TCP MSS to decrease the number of A's that
    one has to add.

This is not always necessary.  Linux's ip_masq_ftp module is happy to
detect PORT anywhere in packets travelling to 21/tcp.

  * The firewall in question will incorrectly parse the resulting
    RETR /aaaaaaaa[....]aaaaaPORT 1,2,3,4,0,139
    as first a RETR command and then a PORT command and open
    port 139 against your address ( in this case)

It will also translate the PORT command, so that ftp.rooted.com sees
the firewall's IP address and port number that's currently redirected
to client:139.

  * Disable active FTP. Errrr, wait. The fix for the server side
    vulnerability was to disable passive FTP. Let's rephrase that:

  * Disable FTP altogether. Block port 21. Disable FTP Application
    Layer Filters on all ports in your firewall.

There's a partial workaround: only allow access to non-privileged
ports.  Yes, there can still be vulnerable services on those. :-(
I haven't tested if this would work with real-world FTP clients on
Win32 -- are there any that would use privileged ports?

  * If you can't change the settings in your firewall, set the
    "FTP Proxy" setting in your browser/HTML-enabled mail reader
    to some address that doesn't exist, like After
    this change, your browser won't be able to connect anywhere
    using FTP.

That doesn't help against the http://...:21 trick.

Solar Designer

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