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Last call for paper - Raid 2000 - Deadline is March 31st
From: deb () ZURICH IBM COM (Herve Debar)
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 16:02:24 +0100

I am  sending you the final call  for papers for Raid  2000. Please note
that the deadline for full papers (included in the proceedings published
by  Springer Verlag) is  March 31st.   I would  appreciate if  you could
distribute it as widely as possible. Thanks for your help.



                Last Call For Papers - RAID 2000

                Third International Symposium on the
                Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection

                Dates: October 2-4, 2000
                Toulouse, France
                in conjunction with ESORICS 2000

                an html version of this CFP is available at

This  symposium, the  third  in  an ongoing  annual  series, will  bring
together  leading figures  from  academia, government,  and industry  to
discuss  state-of-the-art intrusion  detection  technologies and  issues
from the  research and commercial perspectives.  RAID  2000 will welcome
full papers in  addition to extended abstracts and  panel proposals, and
has organized  peer review to publish  hardcopy proceedings. Proceedings
will be  published by Springer Verlag  in the Lecture  Notes in Computer
Science series (http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/index.html).

The RAID International Symposium  series is intended to further progress
in intrusion  detection by  promoting the exchange  of ideas in  a broad
range of topics among researchers, system developers and users. RAID'98,
held  in  Louvain-la-Neuve,  Belgium,   was  hosted  by  the  Universite
Catholique  de Louvain and  welcomed 130  participants, with  nearly 50%
from outside Europe, reflecting the international nature of the meeting.
RAID'99, held in Purdue, Indiana, was hosted by CERIAS and welcomed more
than 180 participants from academia, government and industry.

RAID 2000  is being locally organized  by ONERA in  Toulouse, France, in
conjunction  with ESORICS  2000  (http://www.cert.fr/esorics2000/).  The
program  committee  invites submission  of  both  technical and  general
interest papers and panels  from those interested in formally presenting
their  ideas   during  the  symposium.    Regarding  paper  submissions,
submissions  to  RAID 2000  can  be either  a  full-length  paper or  an
extended  abstract.  Full papers  are intended  for the  presentation of
mature  research  results, while  extended  abstracts  are intended  for
work-in-progress presentations.   It is expected that more  time will be
allocated to full paper presentations. Panel submissions are also sought
in the  same areas.  This year,  we are emphasizing  the following topic

o Assessing, measuring and classifying intrusion-detection systems:
  - Accuracy and reliability measurements, requirements, and technologies
  - Benchmarking techniques and technologies
  - Relations to Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plans
  - Quantitative assessment of IDSes and IDS combinations
  - Suitability of IDSes as a countermeasure to insider misuse

o IDS in High Performance and Real-Time Environments:
  - Large-scale/enterprise IDS
  - High-Speed networks
  - Managing high-volume data
  - Highly distributed and heterogeneous environments
  - Deployment/cooperation of IDSes in multiple-organisation environments
  - Mission-critical intrusion-detection systems

o Vulnerabilities and Attacks
  - New vulnerability or attack databases
  - Vulnerability or attack taxonomies
  - Using vulnerability databases
  - IDS Security issues and solutions

o IDS Integration
   - IDS interoperability Standards and Standardization
   - Integration with the system/network management framework
   - Combining different "styles" of IDS

o Innovative Approaches
   - Adaptive IDS solutions
   - Survivability and Dependability
   - Data mining, intelligent agents
   - New IDS methodologies and technologies
   - Automated responses
   - Combining IDS and system/network management
   - Intrusion-detection using application logs

o Practical Considerations
   - Case studies
   - IDS in heterogeneous environments
   - Unique/emerging IDS operating environments
   - Legal issues (IDS reports as "evidence")
   - Commercial intrusion detection systems and their directions
   - Real-time versus Post-mortem IDS
   - IDS integration with business process

Program Committee

RAID Executive Committee chair: Marc Dacier (IBM Research, Switzerland)

Local organization co-chair: Frederic Cuppens (Onera, France)
Local organization co-chair: Claire Saurel (Onera, France)

Publication chair: Ludovic Me (Supelec, France)

Program co-chair: Herve Debar (IBM Research, Switzerland)
Program co-chair: S.Felix Wu (NC State University, USA)

Program committee:

Matt Bishop (University of California at Davis, USA)
Dick Brackney (National Security Agency, USA)
Rowena Chester (University of Tennessee, USA)
Yves Deswarte (LAAS-CNRS & SRI-International, France)
Terry Escamilla (IBM, USA)
Deborah Frincke (University of Idaho, USA)
Tim Grance (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA)
Ming-Yuh Huang (The Boeing Company, USA)
Erland Jonsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
Sokratis Katsikas (University of the Aegean, Greece)
Baudouin Le Charlier (Universite de Namur, Belgium)
Abdelaziz Mounji (Swift, Belgium)
Jean-Jacques Quisquater (Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
Vern Paxson (ACIRI/LBNL, USA)
Mark Schneider (National Security Agency, USA)
Steve Smaha (Free Agent, USA)
Peter Sommer (London School of Economics & Political Science, England)
Stuart Staniford-Chen (Silicon Defense, USA)
Peter Thorne (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Kevin Ziese (Cisco Systems, USA)


Full papers,  extended abstracts  and panels which  fall into  the topic
areas  outlined above are  particularly welcome,  although contributions
outside those topics may also be of interest.

Full papers  must be original contributions, not  published or submitted
to other conferences.   Full papers must be limited  to 6000 words, full
page  figures being counted  as 300  words.  Each  paper must  include a
short abstract  and a list of  keywords.  Authors are  invited to submit
full   papers   electronically   in   postscript  or   PDF,   as   email
attachements. Authors  should follow the instructions  given by Springer
Verlag     (http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html)    for    the
preparation of the  manuscript. The email (in ASCII)  should contain the
title of  the paper, author  name(s), affiliations, mailing  address and
topic  category addressed  in the  paper (if  appropriate).   Full paper
submissions  will be published  in the  RAID proceedings.   Deadline for
submitting full papers is March 31, 2000.

Extended abstracts must be original contributions.  They must be limited
to  1200  words in  length  and  be  submitted electronically  as  ASCII
(preferred) or PDF  as email attachements.  The email  (in ASCII) should
contain the  title of the  paper, author name(s),  affiliations, mailing
address   and   topic   category   addressed   in   the   abstract   (if
appropriate). Both the extended abstract and the slide presentation will
be published  online on the RAID'2000 website.   Deadline for submitting
extended abstracts is April 28, 2000.

Panel proposals must be limited to  400 words in length and be submitted
electronically  in  ASCII  (preferred)  or PDF.   Panel  proposals  must
include  the name(s)  of the  panel chair  and possible  panelists, with
their organizational  affiliation(s), telephone and  FAX numbers, postal
address, and  Internet electronic  mail address. The  description should
include both an outline of the format of the panel and a short rationale
for the panel. The program  committee will allocate one to two-hour time
slots  to each panel,  depending on  the proposed  topic, the  number of
panelists, and the  wishes of the panel chair.  The  panel chair will be
informed of  the slot length  when notified of acceptance.   Panels that
include time  for general  discussion and questions/answers  between the
panelists and the attendees are preferred. Panel members are expected to
register to  the symposium.  Deadline for submitting  panel proposals is
April 28, 2000.

All  proposals  must  be  in  English.   Plan to  give  all  panels  and
presentations in English.

We       strongly      prefer       electronic       submissions      to
raid2000-submissions () zurich ibm com   If necessary, hardcopy may be sent
to the nearest of the  following locations (please allow sufficient time
for arrival by March 31th or April 28):

    European Collection Site

    Herve Debar
    Global Security Analysis Lab
    IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
    Saeumerstrasse 4 CH-8803
    Rueschlikon Switzerland

    North/South American Collection Site

    S. Felix Wu
    Computer Science Department
    North Carolina State University
    Raleigh, NC 27695-7550

Each submission  will be acknowledged  by e-mail.  If  acknowledgment is
not  received within  seven days,  please contact  deb () zurich ibm com  A
preliminary   program  will  be   available  at   the  RAID   web  site,
http://www.raid-symposium.org/Raid2000/, by  July 21, 1999.  Last year's
proceedings are available online as well.


We solicit  interested organizations to  become sponsors for  RAID 2000,
particularly  in sponsorship of  student travel  and other  expenses for
RAID.  Please contact  S.Felix  Wu for  information regarding  corporate
sponsorship of RAID.


Detailed registration information (including fees, suggested hotels, and
travel directions) will be provided at the RAID 2000 web site as well as
the ESORICS 2000 web site.


Full papers submitted to RAID  2000 will be published by Springer Verlag
in  the Lecture Notes  in Computer  Science series.   Extended abstracts
(and their  accompanying papers if available),  slides presentations and
panel summaries will be made available on the RAID 2000 web site.


Deadline for full paper submission              March 31th, 2000
Deadline for extended abstract submission       April 28th, 2000
Deadline for panel submission                   April 28th, 2000
Notification of acceptance or rejection         May 31st, 2000
             (papers, abstracts and panels)
Final full paper camera ready copy due          June 30th, 2000
Final panel description with participants       June 30th, 2000
Registration required for presenters and
             panel participants before          September 1st, 2000
RAID dates                                      October 2-4, 2000


    On-site arrangements:
        contact Frederic Cuppens (cuppens () cert fr)
             or Claire Saurel    (saurel () cert fr)

    General program information or corporate sponsorship:
        contact S.Felix Wu (wu () csc ncsu edu)

    Paper, extended abstract and panel submission:
        contact raid2000-submissions () zurich ibm com

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