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Re: Future of buffer overflows ?
From: Gerardo Richarte <core.lists.bugtraq () CORE-SDI COM>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 22:16:15 -0300

too many typos... too many errors, too bad english...

Gerardo Richarte wrote:

        [buffer] &caller                ; before overflow

        [buffer] &buffer                ; returning to buffer

        [/bin/sh] &system xxxx &buffer  ; calling system("/bin/sh")

        this are stacks... [top ---> bottom]
        [buffer] is the overflown buffer,
        what follows is the place for the return address,
        &caller is the orignal caller, nothing has been changed.
        we write &buffer so RET jumps to our code... etc.

        Here I present a way to code any program, or almost any program,
in a way such that it can be fetched into a buffer overflow in a
platform where the stack (and any other place in memory, but libc)
is executable:

  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  is not executable, of course

        pop     something
        pop     something       ; some pops into regs
        pop     something
        mov     esp,ebp
        pop     ebp

        this should have been:

        pop     something
        pop     something       ; some pops into regs
        pop     something
        mov     esp,ebp
        pop     ebp

        and for changing the stack pointer, we need something a little
more complicated than:

[buffer] ... &popbp buffer+BUF_SIZE

        something like:

  [buffer] ... &popbp buffer+BUF_SIZE &movesp

        I think this will make it.

        Well, now it's a little better... sorry for the confusion.

        again, richie

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