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Re: Format String Attacks
From: Dan Harkless <dan-bugtraq () DILVISH SPEED NET>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 01:47:52 -0700

Dan Harkless <dan-bugtraq () DILVISH SPEED NET> writes:
Dan Harkless <dan-bugtraq () DILVISH SPEED NET> writes:
# wrap_setid_progs_with_envar_clearer

As I mentioned in my last post (assuming Aleph1 ends up approving it), I
discovered a small problem in the first version of my script.  If you had
multiple setid programs that were hard links to each other
(e.g. /usr/bin/{uptime,w} on Solaris 2.6), only one of them would get
wrapped (though all would get defanged due to the nature of hard links).

Sorry, yet another revision of this script is now available (probably the
last change to be made).  This probably isn't necessary anywhere, but just
to be extra-paranoid, I changed the syscall error reporting to just print
the numeric errno rather than trusting strerror() to not do anything bogus.
I also changed the clearing of the environment variable(s) to be done
manually (using main()'s third parameter) rather than trusting putenv().

Since the new version should be functionally identical to the last one, I
won't waste more bandwidth by posting this rev.  If you'd like it, you can
get it from:


Well, now that I think about it, let me just post example wrapper code
generated by the latest version of the script, in case anyone might spot any

#include <errno.h>   /* for errno */
#include <stdio.h>   /* for fprintf(), etc. */
#include <stdlib.h>  /* for EXIT_FAILURE, etc. */
#include <unistd.h>  /* for execve() */


int  main(int  argc, char**  argv, char**  envp) {
  char**  envp_ptr = envp;

  while (envp_ptr != NULL) {
    char*  c;

    if (*envp_ptr == NULL)

    c = *envp_ptr;

    if (
        *c++ == 'N' &&
        *c++ == 'L' &&
        *c++ == 'S' &&
        *c++ == 'P' &&
        *c++ == 'A' &&
        *c++ == 'T' &&
        *c++ == 'H' &&
        *c++ == '=')
      *c = '\0';


  if (execve(ABSOLUTE_PATH_OF_WRAPPED_PROGRAM, argv, envp) != 0) {
    fprintf(stderr, "%s (wrapping " ABSOLUTE_PATH_OF_WRAPPED_PROGRAM
            "): execve() failed with errno = %d.  Aborting.\n",
            argv[0], errno);


  return EXIT_FAILURE;  /* just here to quiet compiler warning */

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