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Re: Double clicking on MS Office documents from Windows Explorer may execute arbitrary programs in some cases
From: "Timothy J. Miller" <cerebus () SACKHEADS ORG>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 15:35:06 -0500

"John Lange" <lists () darkcore net> writes:

Changing the search path for DLLs would break a good portion of windows
apps, especially legacy apps.


In my previous life as a windows programmer, often the trick to get some
older apps working was to find the older version of some DLL that it was
looking for and put it in the same directory as the application so it would
load those ones instead of whatever twisted version now exists in the
windows/system directory.

Been there, done that.  Welcome to DLL Hell.

Thus I think we will be forced to live with this security hole though the OS
should be patched so that it never loads DLLs across network devices or at
least obeys the security settings of the machine.

I'm not sure how this would protect anyone.  What about systems not
using shares?  If I can poison that .ZIP you just nicked, I've still
got you.  And there remain plenty of ways I can get an arbitrary file
into a *non-system* area of your disk.

Good policy on UNIX boxen is to *never* use '.' in PATH or
LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  This is exactly what Windows is doing.

Funny that I've known this for a very long time but never thought about
using it to load trojan DLLs.

I should have as well, but I never did.  Oh well.  Now the fun begins,

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