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Re: analysis of auditable port scanning techniques
From: dethy <dethwork () SYNNERGY NET>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 04:30:08 +0100

Using this grammar applied to the data we send to an arbitrary host
piped to the ident/auth port will reveal the process owner running on a
given port, even though we initiated the connection.

Dan Harkness writes:

Uh, no.  With properly-written ident daemons, such as pidentd, the
daemon will only respond for connections initiated on the machine on
which it's running, and with a destination of the machine querying the
daemon.  Do you have examples of ident daemons that don't enforce this?

This is exactly the process that is described in the paper. We create a
connection to establish itself on an identd port, now we grab our socket
descriptor using getsockname() and using unpack() (in PERL) to grab the
port for our client specifics to enable the reverse query to take place.
Once all is in check, the query is sent to an identd port, and because the
grammar used in the query is RFC compliant the daemon will return the
process UID/name (depending on server configuration).

As you mentioned pidentd is a properly-written ident daemon but that does
not exclude it from being a player in this scanning method. Afterall
pidentd is RFC compliant.

Let me show you an example:

Using a self made reverse ident scanner based in perl I issued the
following parameters to test pidentd (too if it answers our replies how i've

perl id.pl -d XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX  -p 20-25

        port            service          owner

        21              21               root
        22              22               root
        23              23               root
        25              25               root

okay, what we have here is: ports 21 - 25 were open and the PID owner was

I quickly tried it on 3 servers, all answered the query.

        Pidentd, version 3.0.10 (compiled for Linux 2.2.5-22smp)
        Pidentd, version 3.0.10 (compiled for Linux 2.2.16)
        in.identd, version 2.8.5 FreeBSD 4.2

So which versions don't answer to this request ?
To my knowledge any RFC compliant identd will answer to this request,
since the data used in the query is correct use of the EBNF described by
the RFC.



dethy () synnergy net

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