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RE: SurgeFTP vulnerabilities
From: "David LeBlanc" <dleblanc () mindspring com>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 10:13:48 -0700

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From: Alun Jones [mailto:alun () texis com]

2.) Connect to the server with anonymous and type cd con/con
(yes, this is
well know and works with MANY other too, but we think it should be

While filtering such a command line may be a worthy
suggestion, and is
certainly implemented in our own software, it is far from a
perfect (or
even appropriate) solution.

CON/CON is easy to avoid - you just filter on CON/CON.

There is no system call (that I could find after several days
of searching) that will enumerate the available DDNs

I'm not entirely sure how you'd do this on Win9x, but if you're dealing with
a NT or Win2k system, the following will help:

DOS Devices Control Entries
The DosDevices subkey lists the built-in symbolic links to create at
startup. The values are stored under this subkey:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\DOS
Entries in this subkey have the data type of REG_SZ. The following list
shows the default entries under this subkey.


I would imagine that a similar key exists on a Win9x system.

Oh - while browsing the SDK looking for a work-around, here's the API you're
looking for:
"To retrieve the current mapping for a particular MS-DOS device name or to
obtain a list of all MS-DOS devices known to the system, use the
QueryDosDevice function."

You should also be able to call CreateFile() on a directory with a flag of
OPEN_EXISTING set, and check to see if it exists before handing it off to
SetCurrentDirectory(). I don't know if that works around the problem, but it
very well might. Something else to try would be to make a call to
GetFileAttributes and see if the FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY bit is set. Or
combine the two with CreateFile and GetFileInformationByHandle.

Being an NT bigot, I have successfully avoided ever having to write an app
that I had to support on Win9x, so I'm not sure which of these suggestions
will help you avoid problems on that platform, but I did just check and
QueryDosDevice is supported on Win98.

Hope this helps.

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