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Re: RH7.0: man local gid 15 (man) exploit
From: PJ <briareos () otherlands net>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 16:55:07 -0700

FYI, still doesn't work on Slackware 7.1

$ man -S : blah
No manual entry for blah

$ man -S 
blah: nothing appropriate

I have tried the other command to try to get man to segfault with a
supplied arguement, still nothing.  

$ man -S `perl -e 'print ":" x 100'` blah
No manual entry for blah

On Wed, 16 May 2001, Stephen Shirley wrote:

      The info posted to get man to seg fault is slightly incorrect. You
need to supply some text as the name of a man page - otherwise man will
reject all input. The number of :'s is irrelevat too - one is enough.

man -S : blah
will cause a seg fault. This has been confirmed on debian 2.2 woody, and I
submitted a patch to fix it. The new version is in unstable - ver
2.3.18-2. From the changelog of 2.3.18-2:

  * man would segfault if the argument to -S contained only colons, and
    incidentally treated an empty argument to -S wrongly. Both cases now
    use the standard list of sections instead (thanks, Colin Phipps and
    Stephen Shirley; closes: #97553, #97566).

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