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Tektronix (Xerox) PhaserLink 850 Webserver Vulnerability (NEW)
From: "Loggins, Ron G" <ron.g.loggins () opbu xerox com>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 09:18:47 -0700

The original bugtraq was posted Dec. '99. The Phaser 850 launched in Feb.
2000. The product development cycle for a product like this is roughly 2
years and the code is usually complete many weeks before launch to allow
manufacturing ramp-up. So any expectation that the Phaser 850 would
incorporate the input from Dec. '99, is not realistic. That input, however,
has been incorporated into future products.

To address a couple of the specific concerns:
An emergency shut-down will not cause a catastrophic failure due to ink
"coagulation". In a solid ink printer, the ink is solid at room temperature
and liquid only while heated in the printhead [This eliminates the colorant
(ink/toner) messes common in other technologies]. Any loss of power will
cause the heated ink in the head to cool to solid form. An emergency
shut-down is no different than a power failure which the printer is designed
to handle.

As stated above, the Phaser 850 code was complete before the original bugtaq
report. The URLs for the expert pages were changed for internal reasons.
These changes were not made to obscure the URLs.

The Xerox Office Printing team is committed to meeting the needs of our
customers. I believe that you will see this evidenced in the products you
evaluate in the future. We welcome any and all feedback to make our products
more successful in their market.

Ron Loggins
Customer Support
Xerox Office Printing Business
(503) 682-7388

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