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Re: double dot vulnerability on a site running Informix database.
From: "Randolf Richardson" <randy () inter-corporate com>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 14:04:00 -0800

I found a doubledot vulnerability on a site running 
Informix database. I can read of any file on the 
system by putting /../ into the url. But so far I have 
only found two sites with this problem. 
The site is running Netscape-Enterprise/4.0 on 
Solaris according to Netcraft.com

I have tested this on Apache 1.3.12/Solaris 7/webdriver 4.10.UC1,
Netscape Enterprise 3.6/NT4/webdriver 4.10.TC1, IIS 5.0/Win2K/webdriver
4.11.TC1, Apache 1.3.12/Linux/webdriver 4.10.UC1, running on Informix
Universal Server 9.2x on Linux, NT4 and Win2K with the web datablade
4.x.  All do not have this problem.

All the platforms I have tested simply close the connection immediately,
giving a zero-sized reply.  I also tested using MIvalObj= instead of
LO=, MIvalObj gives a 500 reply.

        Apache v1.3.22 running on Novell NetWare returns a "Bad request" 
error message, so it's not vulnerable here either.  I suspect that Apache is secure 
in this regard since the OS has very little to do with this type of exploit.

Randolf Richardson - rr () 8x ca
Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives."

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