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New getAccess[tm] Vulnerability
From: "rudi carell" <rudicarell () hotmail com>
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 14:17:14

Good Morning Listmembers,

this is another posting(see 1st here http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/3109)
about Entrust s "getAccess[tm]" product

Problem Description:

"getAccess[tm]" (still) uses default shellscripts which start java-classes
for their web-applications.

due to missing input-validation it is possible to read files with getAccess
s permissions on the "getaccess"-machine. (only works in combination with
other input fields as described below)
in connection with config- and other files this can lead to a
total server-compromise(dont ask me how:-).


a HTTP-request to:

with the following parameters:
&locale= [relative FILE/PATH] [Nullbyte/0x00] [Backslash/0x5c]

... will lead to disclosure of [FILE/PATH]

Config-Filelist(depends heavily on config .. and can be found 2 trav s back



object: (helpwin.gas.bat  cgi-shell-scripts)

class: Reffering to OWASP-IV (Input Validation Classes)

Directory Traversal (IV-DT-1)
Null Character (IV-NC-1)
Meta Character (IV-MC-1)

remote: yes
local: ---

vendor: hast been informed with seperate e-mail
(security () entrust com/entrust () entrust com)

patch/fix: is already availiable and will be posted by entrust here today.

recomannded fix: sanitize meta-characters from user-input

personal remark: using shell-scripts for security-related software has
always been dangerous!!!

nice day,


security () freefly com
rudicarell () hotmail com

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