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Re: Microsoft IE cookies readable via about: URLS
From: Thomas Reinke <reinke () e-softinc com>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 11:03:30 -0500

The closest I've seen to this, although it doesn't fit your bill 100%,
are two separate monthly reports called the Cookie Report and
Web Bug report located at 

Of the two, the Web Bug report is the more interesting - it documents
the occurance of web bugs, which by definition occurs whenever a third
party serves out content as part of a page you visit (think online
advertisers).  The report provides the top 100 "beneficiaries" of
web bugs, which would give you the top 100 domains to block. Note that
this does NOT reveal actual usage of cookies, but since virtually
all advertisers use them, it's a pretty good correlation. All the
big players are immediately visible in this list (Top 5 Count: 
linkexchange.com, bfast.com, extreme-dm.com, hitbox.com,
When "weighted" by traffic, the top 5 are doubleclick.net,
admonitor.net, gamespy.com, interstitialzone.com.

The cookie report gives a some additional statistics on the types
of cookies that are found in the wild (life time, common names, etc.)

Hope this helps,


Oliver Petruzel wrote:

Jouko Pynnonen <jouko () solutions fi> wrote:

Microsoft Internet Explorer has a vulnerability which allows a
malicious website to access any cookie in the browser's memory or

This brings to mind a question:  has anyone collected a list of the most
revealing KNOWN cookies in the wild?  Is there a resource (site)
available with a list for me to use in order to perhaps blacklist the
URL's personally?  I often find myself studying my local cookies and
have noticed repeat offenders from very popular sites that I avoid now
because of this; and I believe such a public list would serve as a way
to prevent cookies from becoming too powerful or revealing.  A cookie
reporting service possibly.  Anyone with a link for this if it already
exists or with the energy to compile it yourself, go for it, and plz let
us know.


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