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RE: Script for find domino's users
From: "Jay D. Thomson" <jthomson () appsecinc com>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 12:45:47 -0800


Proper ACL management is certainly required to provide security, however in
this case it still won't prevent an attacker from remotely verifying a mail
user's existence.  The key lies in the fact that Domino web servers will
return a "401" unathorized response if the database actually exists, and a
"404" nonexistent URI if the database does not.  Since user mail databases
are created by default when users are registered, this is a simple and easy
way to test for existence.

This can be easily tested by opening a web browser and attempting to access
a known good mail database and then one that is known to be nonexistent.

Obviously, if the anonymous user can actually access/read a user's mail
database, that server has much bigger problems than what I describe above!

There are several things administrators can do beyond what you describe
eliminate this issue:

1) Choose not to allow email through the web (Application Security, Inc.
recommends this for reasons I won't go into here)

2) Force nonexistent mail/*.nsf database access attempts to return a 401
unauthorized using a complex set of HTTP redirection rules set up in the
server's server document.  Attackers can generally get around this by using
HTTP escape characters (i.e. %61).

Either way, administrators are going to want to run regular security scans
against their Domino based webservers in order to see just what an attacker
could determine/break.  Here at Application Security, Inc. (ASI) we're are
preparing to debut a new penetration testing tool specifically geared for
Domino webservers.  This tool will not only tell you if users can be
determined remotely, but it will also test mail database security, proper
ACL management, the existence of serious remote vulnerabilities, user
password strength, poor authentication mechanisms and more.  This is a lot
of stuff for one or two people to keep straight on however many servers a
company has; so we're attempting to remove the both the burden and reduce
the possibility of human error due to caffeine burnout.

More information on our new pentesting offering is available at my company's
website: www.appsecinc.com.

Jay D. Thomson
Tel: 212-490-6022
Fax: 212-490-6456
E-mail: jthomson () appsecinc com
Web: www.appsecinc.com
Application Security, Inc. - Protection Where it Counts -

This isn't a proof of concept, but more a probe for misconfigured database

If a Domino web server doesn't have a redirection URL for /mail/* mail
files, then you rely on the access control for each mail file.

Two things can be done to avoid this :

1 - Change the ACL on sensitive databases ( /mail/* , names.nsf ) to :
      Anonymous - No access
      [Default] - No access

2 - Within the Server Document for each server, ensure that "Allow HTTP
clients to browse databases:" is set to "No"

I believe that all versions of Domino server from 4.5 upwards are
suceptible to badly configured ACL's. Any good administrator would have a
hold of this already.

#!/usr/local/bin/php -q



fclose ($fd);


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