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RE: DoS bug on Tru64
From: Jethro Rose <jrose () byrnecut com au>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 08:35:13 -0000

I am unsure if it is a known problem (I'm fairly new to this list), however 
I managed to cause our SCO OpenServer 5.0 box to exhibit similar behavior, 
by simply running nmap (out of curiosity) against it with:

nmap -v -v -O <ip of sco box>

This was some time ago - I just put it down to SCO's dodgy per-connection 
licensing scheme and made a mental note to not scan that box - we didn't 
have a console available (only way into it via telnetd), so I couldn't 
verify whether or not it was only inetd that crashed.



-----Original Message-----
From:   Scott Brewster [SMTP:ScottBrewster () firsthealth com]
Sent:   Thursday, 31 January 2002 7:33 AM
To:     bobdog () drunk co nz; bugtraq () securityfocus com
Subject:        Re: DoS bug on Tru64

I ran the nmap command listed below against one of my 5.1 systems.  It
didnt seem to have caused any problems.  Not only could I still make
connections, the existing connections continued to function normally (no
freeze-ups).  I wouldnt call this a conclusive test, but my system didnt
suffer any ill effects.


"Bob Dog" <bobdog () drunk co nz> 01/30/02 12:55PM >>>
--- ellipse <elliptic () cipherpunks com> wrote:
Today we were using nmap to scan our network and when we scanned
Tru64 machines, telnet and ftp froze and timed out. We could not
any connections to those ports and existing connections froze. New
connections were denied for about a minute after the scan was
I've checked with Compaq and on Securityfocus and neither place has
knowledge of this.
nmap -T Polite -O -p 23,139 -oM /tmp/lst 'xxx.xxx.16-44.*'

Why does this sound so familiar?  Would this not be an issue with

Support for 4.0D went away as of about September of '01.
Does anyone know if this is an issues with 5.1?
Have no box that I want to test this with.

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