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Re: Cert Advisory 2002-03 and HP JetDirect
From: Joshua Newton <babyswan () comcast net>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 19:41:50 -0500

This has probably been done to death, but I can't help but note that all
HP JD firmware I've ever come in contact with has been horribly fragile
to all sorts of simple network abuses. A 1-second pingflood causes x
08.32 firmware to lock so hard that it refuses to pass any packets at
all anywhere ever again unless hard-reset. (I may be exaggerating in
this case, but I waited about ten minutes before I gave up and pulled
the plug.) A quick nmap OS fingerprint scan produces the same results,
on and off, and an nmap TCP connect() portscan can lock a JD box or card
almost instantaneously, depending on the delay between connect()s.

SNMP fragility is the /least/ of the JD product line's worries. In fact,
while I'm at it, most every embedded IP stack I've ever seen has been at
least this fragile, if not more so -- I've seen Intermec OpenAir access
points, Ricoh network print cards, and Powerware UPS SNMP boxes all
exhibit the same kind of awful -- and inexcusable -- fragility. In the
last case, this can give new meaning to "denial of service," especially
if there were multiple servers monitoring the box to see if they should
start a controlled shutdown...

On Tue, 2002-02-19 at 10:53, Information Security wrote:
It appears that HP JetDirect firmware is more susceptible to SNMP
vulnerabilities than originally referenced in the CERT Advisory CA-2002-03
(http://www.cert.org/advisories/CA-2002-03.html).  Some basic testing with
Protos on an internal network seems to indicate that devices with JetDirect
firmware x.08.32 crash each time a single malformed SNMP packet is received.
The HP Download Manager for JetDirect reports that the printer software is

On the hardware I tested, the packet generated an "EIO" error and required
the device to be powered off to recover.  Control panel input was not

The packet can be generated using the req-enc protos test with the options
"-zerocase -showreply -single 13771".  The protos test name is
"set-req-ber-l-length" in the category of "Invalid BER length (L) fields".

The TCPDump trace is:
15:43:38.979321 >  
      SetRequest(39) ."c06-snmpv"
15:43:39.179098 >
      GetRequest(25) .

As an interesting side note, Ethereal (a popular open source sniffer /
traffic analyzer) crashes every time it sees this packet also.  It gives the
error "GLib-ERROR **: could not allocate -1 bytes aborting...".

This testing has been very limited (only LaserJet 4si and 8150 series
printers were tested), so please post your test results Bugtraq.  

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