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Sardonix Security Auditing Portal
From: Crispin Cowan <crispin () wirex com>
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 11:39:53 -0800

Back in the summer of 1998, the Linux Security Audit Project http://lsap.org was founded as a mailing list. Inspired by the spectacular work of OpenBSD, LSAP was intended to orchestrate the systematic security auditing of source code commonly found in Linux distributions.

Since then, LSAP has failed to really live up to its mission. While the LSAP mailing list has become a very nice chat room for discussing security issues, not much software is actually audited any more.

We propose to address this under used potential by providing a real & effective web portal to facilitate & encourage source code auditing. This web site will facilitate and encourage source code auditing in the following ways:

   * Identify auditors: we don't care if auditors are anonymous, but
     they should be authentic.  I.e. you can go by a handle if you want
     to, but you should have a public key, so we know it's you.
   * Repository for audited code:  importantly, identifying who has
     audited the code, and what issues were found.
* Todo's: a list of unaudited code that could use some attention. With source code, so would-be auditors don't have to go find it.
   * Score keeping:  this part is very important.  There's two kinds of
     scores to keep:
         * Auditor's score: each auditor is scored based on the volume
           of code they have audited, and the number of bugs
           SUBSEQUENTLY found in code that they declared clean.
         * Code's score: the trustworthiness of a piece of code is a
           function of the people who have audited the code.

The score keeping is really the most important part of the web site, with two key roles to play:

   * the karma whore effect: we conjecture that a web site that will
     mechanically compute a number of how l33t you are will attract
     people to audit code.  Consider how hard people will work just
     score karma points on Slashdot :-)
   * assuring code quality: scoring the code in terms of the number &
     quality of eyes that have read it will give code consumers a
     reasonably valid way to determine the level of trust they can put
     in that code.

We also will be encouraging responsible reporting. The audit submission form explicitly asks you if you have followed the RFP http://www.wiretrip.net/rfp/policy.html and notified the package maintainer prior to publishing your findings.

What we need:  community feedback.

   * Generally:  what do folks think of the model?  What changes, if
     any, do people think it needs to make it work?
   * Specifically: the scoring functions are critical, as people will
     generally act to maximize figures of merit. This can get
     pathological, e.g. stock brokers churning the market to make
     commission.  What should the scoring functions look like for
     auditors? for programs?

The whole project is intended to leverage community skepticism of claims of security, and the community's joyful habit of criticizing the work of others, and so we call it Sardonix. You can view the beginnings of the project here http://sardonix.org including subscribing to the Sardonix mailing list http://mail.wirex.com/mailman/listinfo/sardonix First, we expect discussion/flaming :-) about the particular structure of the web site, followed by actually implementing the software behind the design the community decides it wants. And then we will get down to some auditing.


Crispin Cowan, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist, WireX Communications, Inc. http://wirex.com
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Available for purchase: http://wirex.com/Products/Immunix/purchase.html

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