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PHP script: Penguin Traceroute, Remote Command Execution
From: "paul jenkins" <jenkins () securityfreaks com>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:16:21 -0000

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Software: Penguin Traceroute
Website: http://www.linux-directory.com/scripts/traceroute.shtml
Versions: 1.0
Platforms: Linux
Vulnerability Type: Remote Command Execution

Penguin Traceroute is a perl script that does traceroute. This is another
script where the author forgets to parse the input for any ; | characters 
and anyone user is able to execute anything he wants with the same 
permitions as apache. Example: ";cat /www/secure/.htpasswd" 
and there goes the passwords, or if the user apache has write access 
";echo I iz 1337>index.html".

Open up the perl script in your favorite text editor, find a line that has
"$host = $q->param('host');" Its usually the 13th line down then just add 
this line "$host =~ s/[;<>\*\|'&\$!?#\(\)\[\]\{\}:'"\\]//g;" under it and 
that should parse out any unwanted characters.

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