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Re: BIND 9.2.2 Vulnerabilities?
From: Scott Wunsch <bugtraq () tracking wunsch org>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 11:43:23 -0600

On Wed, 05-Mar-2003 at 15:46:41 -0600, John wrote:

That was really what I was trying to get at.  If there are vulnerabilities 
I don't think that they are being discussed in a manner that brings this 
to the attention of those of us who are running 9.2.1.  It seems that the 
announcement was rather low-key and I stumbled across this information on 
the website almost by mistake.

I'm rather puzzled by it too :-).  Some days before before the 9.2.2
release, my 9.2.1 nameserver was getting repeatedly killed (with an
assertion failure) by a stream of DNS queries over TCP from one of our
users.  Every time I restarted it, it would die again within a few seconds.
We "solved" the problem by blocking traffic from the customer who was
generating all the TCP queries.

I reported this to ISC, and was informed that this was fixed in 9.2.2rc1
(but my request for more details was ignored).

So, if nothing else, I consider 9.2.2 to be a fix for a denial of service

Take care,
Scott \\'unsch

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