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TSLSA-2003-0009 - mysql
From: tsl () trustix com (Trustix Secure Linux Advisor)
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 15:36:52 +0100

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- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Trustix Secure Linux Security Advisory #2003-0009

Package name:      mysql
Summary:           Serveral security fixes
Date:              2003-03-18
Affected versions: TSL 1.5

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Package description:
  MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL (Structured Query
  Language) database server. MySQL is a client/server implementation
  that consists of a server daemon (mysqld) and many different client

  The main goals of MySQL are speed, robustness and ease of use.

  The base upon which MySQL is built is a set of routines that have been
  used in a highly demanding production environment for many
  years. While MySQL is still in development, it already offers a rich
  and highly useful function set.

Problem description:
  From the changes file for 3.26.56:
  * Security enhancement: `mysqld' no longer reads options from
    world-writeable config files.
  * Security enhancement: `mysqld' and `safe_mysqld' now only use the
    first --user option specified on the command line. (Normally this
      comes from `/etc/my.cnf')
  * Security enhancement: Don't allow BACKUP TABLE to overwrite existing

  In additon, a number bugs has been fixed.

  We recommend that all systems with this package installed be upgraded.
  Please note that if you do not need the functionality provided by this
  package, you may want to remove it from your system.

  All TSL updates are available from

About Trustix Secure Linux:
  Trustix Secure Linux is a small Linux distribution for servers. With focus
  on security and stability, the system is painlessly kept safe and up to
  date from day one using swup, the automated software updater.

Automatic updates:
  Users of the SWUP tool can enjoy having updates automatically
  installed using 'swup --upgrade'.

  Get SWUP from:

Public testing:
  These packages have been available for public testing for some time.
  If you want to contribute by testing the various packages in the
  testing tree, please feel free to share your findings on the
  tsl-discuss mailinglist.
  The testing tree is located at

  Check out our mailing lists:

  This advisory along with all TSL packages are signed with the TSL sign key.
  This key is available from:

  The advisory itself is available from the errata pages at
  or directly at

MD5sums of the packages:
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
9ea1a572675744394575d974630b7f6e  ./1.5/RPMS/mysql-3.23.56-1tr.i586.rpm
54bd7f9b9dafbd4bfdb8e124578b2d50  ./1.5/RPMS/mysql-bench-3.23.56-1tr.i586.rpm
7b6f9f9f0c2524fc4f80b6f418d9b7fa  ./1.5/RPMS/mysql-client-3.23.56-1tr.i586.rpm
0bf07520f4fa4312316c0de424140c2c  ./1.5/RPMS/mysql-devel-3.23.56-1tr.i586.rpm
60825d7464bae1290d449b24509d6005  ./1.5/RPMS/mysql-shared-3.23.56-1tr.i586.rpm
32dc960efdb9c6cb06a6b19476a835e7  ./1.5/SRPMS/mysql-3.23.56-1tr.src.rpm
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Trustix Security Team

Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: For info see http://www.gnupg.org


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