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[blaqhatz] - Pastel Accounting application security issues
From: "l33t guy" <blaqhatz () webmail co za>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 17:43:11 +0200

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PRODUCT: PASTEL ACCOUNTING v6.0-6.12 (confirmed)
         earlier versions (suspected)


Pastel Accounting is an accounting package widely used by small business entities in countries in Africa, Europe, the 
Middle and Far East and Australasia. The Pastel product includes a facility for secure access to specific modules 
within the product.

Further information is available @ http://www.pastel.com


The security system and application controls used by the Pastel product are broken.

All user and security information is stored with the file "ACCUSER.DAT" within the chosen client folder. No data is 
encrypted with any information within this file, nor is any version/validity checking done against this file.

As such, it is possible to replace the ACCUSER.DAT file with one from a different set of accounts, with known usernames 
and passwords, access and modify the data stored within a specific set of accounts and then restore the original file, 
thus providing no concrete on by whom the files were modified.

In some contexts, it would even be possible to falsify records in an attempt to 'frame' a particular user with changes.

Additionally, some preliminary testing on the accuser.dat file displayed an alarming correlation between certain 
sections of the file and the passwords chosen. For example, given a group of users with chosen passwords "AAAAAAAA", 
"BBBBBBBB", "CCCCCCCC", "DDDDDDDD", and "ABCDEFGH", the following strings were found in the file: "ssssssss", 
"tttttttt", "uuuuuuuu", "vvvvvvvv", and "stuvwxyz".


Users may not rely on the application level controls implemented by the Pastel Accounting package.

As no reliance may be placed on applicaton level controls, auditors must audit around the application.

4. FIX

None as of yet. Vendor notified.

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