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Re: 11 years of inetd default insecurity?
From: "Andres Kroonmaa" <andre () online ee>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:40:21 +0300

On 8 Sep 2003, at 12:44, Dan Stromberg <strombrg () dcs nac uci edu> wrote:

So DJB's program basically has a large listen queue, and goes into
queue-only mode after 40 concurrent connections?

If that's the case, then there's still a DOS - just fill the listen
queue with so much stuff that connections aren't serviced for a long

 I wonder how many years it takes for people to realise that DOS based on
 service flooding is not something you can be immune to. Does it really
 take one DDOS per person to realise this simple truth? For every single
 method you invent there are 10 other methods to smash your box into nirvana

 Purpose of inetd was never security, nor protection of box from stupid
 applications it is called to start that can consume all resources.
 Inetd fulfills its purpose. If you need more, you need something else.

 If you want security separation, use state-tracking firewall. If you want
 to be immune from DOS, unplug from internet. All else is pointless whining.
 Imagining that inetd should evolve into strong firewall is as bizarre as
 it can get.

 Andres Kroonmaa <andre () online ee>
 CTO, Microlink Data AS
 Tel: 6501 731, Fax: 6501 725
 Pärnu mnt. 158, Tallinn
 11317 Estonia

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