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Re: base64
From: der Mouse <mouse () Rodents Montreal QC CA>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 14:30:21 -0400 (EDT)

99.99% of all software should create the standard form, so please let
the tiny fraction of users with broken software suffer when their
mails get rejected.

(Note: this of course applies not only to Base64 but to all aspects
of header-parsing, file-format guessing etc...)

I agree with you that such errors should produce rejections.

But there's an awful lot of otherwise legitimate mail software out
there that commits (and more that accepts and passes along) rudimentary
errors like

- One-digit hour, minute, or second values
- Invalid timezone strings ("Pacific Standard Time", "CEST", "JST", etc)
- Completely missing timezones
- Non-encoded high-half characters in header text
  (From: "Fran├žois" <fxm () example net>)
- High-half characters in mail implicitly marked charset=US-ASCII
- Non-8859 characters (0x80-0x9f) in mail marked charset=iso-8859-1
- Retrying messages that have been 5xx-rejected

Indeed, I recently discovered I had been auto-unsubbed from this very
list for, as near as I can tell, rejecting mail exhibiting some of
those syntax errors.

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