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Winmx Software making calls to Port 25
From: Retro Granny <retrogranny () netscape net>
Date: 6 Aug 2004 04:42:49 -0000

I have been involved as a chatroom admin within the Winmx program for quite awhile now and have been the one to make 
whatever security updates were needed to keep the room a pleasant place for folks who visit.  A couple of months ago, I 
installed Zone Alarm.  While running a temp room, ZA popped up and asked if I would allow the Winmx program to send 
information on Port 25.  This particular version of ZA allows you to specify on a program by program basis, which are 
allowed to send email.  Denying Winmx access to Port 25 resulted in the room dropping, although, Winmx itself continued 
to run.

At first I thought it was the work of a trojan that had found it's way into my system.  But, after running a variety of 
system scanners available on the internet as well as spyware scanners, my system still came up clean and bug free.  A 
relief there, but still not an answer to the Port 25 call.

I installed a clean multi-boot partition and downloaded the Winmx program (v.3.53) directly from Winmx.com. I then 
installed the 30 day trial version of the Iris Packet Sniffer software and of course Zone Alarm.  I ran ZA with "ask 
permission" set on port 25 and it once again it popped up a request.  I then defined a filter in Iris to capture 
activity on 25 (SMTP), 43 (WHOIS), 69 (TFTP), 80 (HTTP), 110 (POP3), 119 (NNTP), 143 (IMAP) and 7940 which is a port I 
am told is used by the Winmx program for communicating with their servers.

Test 1 - Zone Alarm, Iris and Winmx using a primary connection and hosting a testroom.  Packets were captured on port 
25.  The packets captured using port 25 were destined for a valid ip address in Japan.  I am told Winmx does not have 
servers in Japan, and the activity I have captured from them tends to verify that statement.

Test 2 - No applications running except Zone Alarm and Iris.  No packets captured.

Test 3 - Zone Alarm, Iris and Winmx running a secondary connection.  The only packets captured were on Port 80 showing 
the setup and Keep Alive calls to Winmx.com

I did email Winmx on this issue, but have not received a response from them.  I know of other systems that have this 
issue, but as they received their setups from me, they aren't far enough at arms length to act as verifiers.  Today, I 
received verification that I was not alone with this problem when another user posted it to one of the support 
websites.  I have asked this user to confirm my findings to the best of his ability.

This activity clearly raises an alarm of a possible backdoor to the Winmx program.  I would appreciate any information 
on how to proceed from here.


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