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Xprobe 0.2.1 Released
From: bugtraq () sys-security com
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 10:31:23 +0200

The xprobe2 development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Xprobe2 v0.2.1. Xprobe2 is a remote active operating system fingerprinting tool which uses advanced techniques, some which where first to be introduced with Xprobe2, such as the usage of statistical analysis ('fuzzy logic') to match between probe response(s) to its signature database and others, in order to provide with accurate results regarding the underlying operating system of a probed element(s).

Version 0.2.1 fixes a number of bugs and introduces more features:

- Port scanning is now available through the usage of the -T (TCP) and -U (UDP) command line options - Added the -B command line option ('blind port guess') used for searching an open TCP port among the following ports: 80, 21, 25, 22, 139 - Fixed timeouts and made pcap_next() nonblocking, as it was causing problems on linux - Fixed problem that occurs when localhost does not resolve (set_dst() in IP::IP(const char*)) - Include XSD schema with distribution and make our XML comply with that XSD - patricklang () mail utexas edu's fixes that would port Xprobe2 to MacOSX (destructors, endiannes, config.* stuff)
- moved SHA1 into xplib/ will be needed by burst module
- loopback (lo) is now supported
- dump select() in sniffpack() as it is not portable
- Fixed terminating " error that we were getting w/ gcc 3.x
- Fixed error handling in xp_get_src_addr()

Significant additions of signatures into the signature database:

- FreeBSD 5.3; 5.2.1; 5.2; 4.10; 4.9
- Linux Kernel 2.6.9; 2.6.8; 2.6.7; 2.6.6; 2.6.5; 2.6.4; 2.6.3; 2.6.2; 2.6.1; 2.6.0
- Linux Kernel 2.4.28; 2.4.27; 2.4.26; 2.4.25; 2.4.24; 2.4.23; 2.4.22
- Linux Kernel 2.2.26
- Microsoft Windows XP SP2
- NetBSD 2.0; 1.6.2
- OpenBSD 3.6; 3.5; 3.4
- Sun Solaris 10

The new version of xprobe2 can be downloaded from:

SHA-1: bbe78c7c5c4f877cf3a230709121897670be1ec6
MD5: aaddb4bf793ef573b7fb43ee91bb2224

The Xprobe2 development team,
Fyodor Yarochkin (fyodor at (nospam) o0o dot nu)
Ofir Arkin (ofir at (nospam) sys-security dot com)
Meder Kydyraliev (meder at (nospam) o0o dot nu)

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