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Re: [KAPDA::#16] - SMF SQL Injection
From: ascii <ascii () katamail com>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 17:42:22 +0100

grudge () securityfocus com wrote:
I'm a developer from over at simplemachines and
> I do not see how this can pose an exploit?

/* tabs are evil */
if (!is_numeric($_REQUEST['start'])) {

 $request = db_query("SELECT COUNT(ID_MEMBER)
  FROM {$db_prefix}members
  WHERE LOWER(SUBSTRING(realName, 1, 1)) < '".
  substr(strtolower($_REQUEST['start']), 0, 1)
  ."' AND is_activated = 1", __FILE__, __LINE__);

 list ($_REQUEST['start']) = mysql_fetch_row($request);

me too, this piece of code isn't exploitable

at last you can inject a ' that will issue a
php error (path disclosure, error log filling
but not an usable sql injection)

The code is entered at this point:
if (!is_numeric($_REQUEST['start']))

i would prefer ctype_digit or preg_match [09]
cause is_numeric accept also hex, signed and

substr(strtolower($_REQUEST['start']), 0, 1)
I simply cannot see how you could possibly
> exploit SQL from this?

it's impossible imho, but don't relay on magic quotes
or this type of stuff, put a beautiful
mysql_real_escape_string on each string passed to the db
and cast integers (int)intval($_GET['id'])

seems KAPDA Researchers researched this 'vuln' too fast : )

ascii - http://www.ush.it

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