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RE: [Full-disclosure] SPIDynamics WebInspect Cross-ApplicationScripting (XAS)
From: "DAN MORRILL" <dan_20407 () msn com>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 18:08:12 +0000

Good Morning,

I got the official notice from SPI Dynamics to day on this issue. I am in no way slamming people at all, but the interesting response was inability to reproduce the XAS issue.

At what point and how much support should the discoverer give to the company? Usually when I have a bug report it is a full set of instructions on exactly how to reproduce the issue, from OS, software running in background, what I was clicking or typing at the time.

My question is that if we are submitting bug reports and POC code, just how much information do we give to the vendor, especially if they say that they can not reproduce it? If the vendor can not reproduce it, how much time and support should the discoverer give them?

Just a curiosity question based on the idea that we are all out there discovering things, that we will or will not give up to folks depending on what we discover. Its the inability to reproduce the issue that interests me the most, and what as a community should we do when no one else can verify our results? Well out side of providing POC code, that may or may not work.


Sometimes MSN E-mail will indicate that the mesasge failed to be delivered. Please resend when you get those, it does not mean that the mail box is bad, merely that MSN mail is over worked at the time.

To: bugTraq <bugtraq () securityfocus com>, full-disclosure () lists grok org uk
Subject: [Full-disclosure] SPIDynamics WebInspect Cross-ApplicationScripting (XAS)
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 13:45:29 +0400

Dear bugTraq,

  Cross  application  scripting  attacks  (data  obtained from untrusted
  source  is  sent  unfiltered  from  trusted application to browser) in
  different applications are reported by anonymous author.

  In  Russian  version  of  article  "XSS  -  WEB  =  Cross-Applications
  Scripting" (signed (c)oded by QQLan () yandex ru)
  there  are  remote  cross-application  scripting attack in SPIDynamics
  WebInspect  and  domain  level cross-application attack with potential
  privilege  escalation for user with limited delegated control under OU
  to  domain  administrator account is also described for Windows domain
  group  policy  editor (gpedit.msc) under Windows XP and Windows Server

  Below  is original anonymous report for cross application scripting in
  SPIDynamics WebInspect

SPIDynamics WebInspect Cross-Application Scripting (XAS)


SPIDynamics WebInspect is powerful security assessment tool for Web application vulnerable to XAS which
could lead to remote code execution.


As many applications WebInspect uses external programs and Windows components for different purposes. It is very common to use COM object of Internet Explorer for render reports and displays data. WebInspect
in not an exception.
When reports is generated, some parts of scanned site (for example URLs) are included into HTML file (file://C:\Program Files\SPIDynamics\WebInspect\Working\vulnerability.htm), which opens in IE. Because WebInspect doesn't properly normalize displayed data, part of URL or other data can be parsed by IE as DHTML, for example JavaScript, and leads to code execution on the computer where scanner is installed.


Successful exploitation allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary script code on the host, where scanner is installed with privileges of user who launch the scanner. Victim should scan site and open
Typically scanner runs on administrator's or security auditor's box with a lot of interesting data.
It possibly runs under high-privileged account.
Attacker should create specially crafted site with vulnerability to be displayed in report. "Vulnerable" URL should include script code. Example of such report is a "Hidden Form Value Vulnerability
ID: 4727".
By default script is executed in Internet Security Zone of IE (not sure). But with little effort attacker can use predictable resource location to bypass restrictions of Internet Zone and execute script in "My
Computer" security zone.


Attacker can use social engineering to install full featured application, for example new version of
"SPIDynamics Reported ActiveX".


Following asp file can be used to reproduce vulnerability:


if request.querystring<>"" then
response.write request.querystring
end if
<form action="script>/<script>window.open(%27file://C:\\Program
Files\\SPIDynamics\\WebInspect\\Working\\vulnerability.htm%27)</script>" method=get> Please login:<br> <input type=submit value="Login"><br> <input type=hidden name='hidden' value="Login"><br> </form>


You should change default error page to iisstart.asp (see screenshot in attach). Scan results can be found
in attached files.


Initial vendor response received


04/15/2005 Initial vendor notification
04/15/2005 Initial vendor response


Disable Active Scripting in My  Computer Zone


This advisory is being provided to you under the RFPolicy documented at
http://www.wiretrip.net/rfp/policy.html. You are encouraged to read this policy; however, in the interim,
you have approximately 5 days to respond to this initial email.

Thanks: 3APA3A for spellcheck & malware.com for some ideas.

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