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Re: Linux kernel ELF core dump privilege elevation
From: codeQ <newsclient () teamq info>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 19:52:53 +0200

I wasn't able to make it work either, getting exactly the same output
(without GCC's warnings). I'm on a Debian 2.6.11-7 kernel. I just tested
but really didn't even look what it failed, not even gdb'ed the core.

If someone notices what's wrong on the POC please, let me know.

Pablo Fernandez

--- Begin Message --- From: Bruno Lustosa <bruno.lists () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 16:34:58 -0300
On 5/11/05, Paul Starzetz <ihaquer () isec pl> wrote:
since it became clear from the discussion in January about the uselib()
vulnerability, that the Linux community prefers full, non-embargoed
disclosure of kernel bugs, I release full details right now. However to
follows at least some of the responsable disclosure rules, no exploit code will be
released. Instead, only a proof-of-concept code is released to demonstrate
the vulnerability.

Paul, I was unable to make it work on my amd64.
Running Gentoo on kernel 2.6.11.
This was the output:

[+] Compiling...elfcd1.c: In function `main':
elfcd1.c:48: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlen'
elfcd1.c:54: warning: implicit declaration of function `memset'
elfcd1.c:60: warning: implicit declaration of function `strcmp'
warning: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `/tmp/ccSCdKeo.o' is
incompatible with i386 output

[+] ./elfcd1 argv_start=0x7ffffffff451 argv_end=0x7ffffffff459  ESP: 0xfffff0e0
[+] phase 1
[+] AAAA argv_start=0x7fffffff6fea argv_end=0x7fffffff6fee  ESP: 0xffff6de0
[+] phase 2, <RET> to crash Segmentation fault (core dumped)

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Network Administrator/Web Programmer | ICQ: 1406477
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil              |

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