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KillProcess 2.20 and priors "FileDescription" Local Buffer Overflow Issue
From: fRoGGz () securityfocus com
Date: 9 Sep 2005 16:11:10 -0000

Software: KillProcess
Platforms: Windows
Version: 2.20 and priors
Original advisorie: http://sbox.nightmail.ru

This funny application can terminate any Windows process with the click of a button. 
It can also prevent unwanted processes from ever executing by scanning the active 
process list for unwanted processes and terminating them on sight.
Source: http://orangelampsoftware.com

A malicious .exe file with a long FileDescription in version resource can generate
a local exploitation of a buffer overflow and allows attackers to execute arbitrary code.

I've code a 2,78 Ko PoC.
FileDescription have been set to A x 544 bytes.
PoC is available here: http://sbox.nightmail.ru/KillProc_PoC.exe

There is another little bug, but not really dangerous.
If you add an application to killlist, then lunch it. Ok, boom ...
But if you start XX same process at the same time, all applications will not be killed.

Exploitation of the described vulnerability allows attackers to
execute arbitrary code under the context of the user who started Process Explorer.
Exploitation requires that an attacker convince a target user to view properties of
malicious executable file with a vulnerable version of Process Explorer.

Vendor have been contacted.

Greet's fly out to ATmaCA. This idea was first credit by Kozan.
It was on Jul 20 2005, for another software, so thanks to him ;)

SecuBox Labs - fRoGGz
web: secubox.teria.org

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